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Deploying Apache on CentOS Core

Since I’ve been working a lot with Jekyll and static sites, I figured it was time I actually hosted one on my own. I recently built a wiki site for my company’s IT documentation and decided I needed to host it somewhere. We’re mainly a Microsoft shop, so to try something new, I deployed it with Apache on CentOS 7 Core.

Installing CentOS

This should be straightforward, you can download CentOS 7 Minimal here.

I installed CentOS on VMware. To install VMware Tools you’ll need to run:

yum install open-vm-tools

Configure Network

Next, you’ll need to configure your network. To view all devices run nmcli d, which should return something like this:

ens192  ethernet  connected  Wired connection 1
lo      loopback  unmanaged  --

Confirm your device is listed. If not you probably need to install drivers as I did with VMware Tools.

To configure your adaptor, run nmtui:


Continue to Edit a connection:


Select your connection and then configure your settings as needed. I configured a static IP:


Finally, back on the main NetworkManager screen, select Activate a connection. On the next screen Deactivate and then Activate your connection. You could also run service network restart.

To confirm your settings run ip a.

Install Apache

First make sure your CentOS install is up to date with:

sudo yum -y update

And then install Apache with:

sudo yum -y install httpd

Configure Apache

First, we need to allow port 80 through the firewall:

sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=80/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Next, we’ll configure Apache to start on boot:

sudo systemctl start httpd
sudo systemctl enable httpd

And confirm the status with:

sudo systemctl status httpd

You should now be able to browse to your server IP and view the default Apache website, confirming your configuration.

Upload Website Files

Finally, we’re ready to upload our website files. I used WinSCP to copy my files to /var/www/html.

And that’s it! Your site should now be hosted on your new Apache server!