Clint Colding

I like tech, I sometimes play golf, and I can't wait for December 20th.

About Me

I’m a Sr. Platform Engineer and DevOps Advocate at InComm, located in Tampa, FL. I have over a decade of experience in the IT industry; leading complete infrastructure transformations, developing release pipelines, and migrating large scale platforms. When I’m not doing that I’m probably experimenting with a new open source project or drinking a craft brew.

What I Do

As a DevOps advocate, I believe when the entire IT organization works together as one and remains focused on the same overall goal, we can provide the best product to our customers. As a result I enjoy promoting cross functional collaboration and working in a team environment; sharing solutions, knowledge, or automating a task that eases someone else’s life. My goals are centered around creating efficiency through automation; identifying bottlenecks and developing solutions to remove them.

I started working with PowerShell right out of the gate in 2009, and is my language of choice. I’ve also developed tools and applications with Python and I’m beginning to work with Go. I’m also a huge fan of containers and anything open source.



GoDaddy - A PowerShell module for managing your GoDaddy DNS.

SmallStats - A web app displaying sortable statistics and rankings for the popular baseball simulation game, SmallBall!

UnisphereExporter - A Prometheus exporter for VMAX Unisphere metrics built with PowerShell!