Who I Am

Clint Colding

My name is Clint Colding and I’m a IT Professional currently residing in Tampa, FL.

What I’ve Done

Imediately after graduating high school in 2009 I began my IT career as a Help Desk Technician for Traid Retail Media. I was responsible for our desktop environment and any tier 1 troubleshooting. After building a dozen or so workstations I realized how terribly ineffecient our process was. I began researching solutions and came across Windows Deployment Services. I successfully deployed WDS and was installing custom images via PXE boot. A process that took me practically an entire day, with continuous input, now happened in around an hour with no input. After that I was hooked on automating everything I possibly could.

Shortly after that I was promoted to Systems Administrator. It was around this time that I was discovering the world of virtualization with VMware 5. At the time Triad only had a single Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 with 3 - 4 VMs. I built a test environment out of old hardware, starting off with a single host and local storage and eventually building a 3 node cluster connected via iSCSI to a FreeNAS storage unit.

Once promoted to Systems Engineer, I was designing and implementing a VMware 5.1 cluster utilizing a EMC VNX SAN connected via iSCSI. We began migrating many of our physical servers and workloads. I created reservations for our most critical applications, ensuring performance of these apps was always guaranteed.

What I’m Doing

I’m currently working as a Systems Engineer for A1 HR. I’m a solo act and thus wear many hats. I’ve redesigned and implemented a VMware solution from the ground up, developed a tested disaster recovery plan, created a load balanced IIS cluster, and automated application deployment from QA to production. I’ve also completed a on-prem to Office 365 migration.

What I’m Learning

I’ve been gaining knowledge in Azure lately, specifically Azure App Services for continous integration. I’m also expanding my Python skills.