Clint Colding

It works on my machine...

  • Deploying Apache on CentOS Core
  • A quick guide to configuring Apache on CentOS 7 Core.
  • Python in Visual Studio Code
  • A quick overview of setting up and running Python in Visual Studio Code on Windows 10.
  • Mocking Multiple Outputs
  • Lately, I've been diving into Pester and today I ran into a function that called the same command twice, each time outputting something different (or it should). The function tests and if needed attempts to correct the status of a service.
  • Splatting for Readability
  • Splatting was introduced way back in PowerShell v2 and gave us a new way of passing parameters to our commands.
  • Quick Tip: Navigate a Datastore
  • This is a quick tip for managing files on a VMware datastore.
  • GoDaddy API and PowerShell
  • Navigating through the GoDaddy web portal just to update a few DNS records can be painful, use PowerShell instead.